Àrd Bain Soap Bar

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With a gorgeous woodsy aroma, the Àrd Bain (named after the Coral Beach at Cardlui, in Applecross) is a grounding scent, reminiscent of the ancient woodlands of Scotland.

Formulated to promote a soft complexion, this bar contains organic cocoa butter and shea butter, and is crafted by hand using a traditional cold process technique which helps retain the benefit of the skin-loving nutrients. 

Kelvin Apothecary soap is lovingly handcrafted using a traditional cold-process technique, which not only helps our planet, it also allows the soap to retain extra nutrients that help promote soft skin.

We also like to cram as much loveliness as possible into our recipes (nut butters, locally sourced Scottish sea salt and carefully selected botanicals) so you're left feeling moisturised and supple.

Our soaps smell out-of-this-world! ...thanks to our unique essential oil blends, which will excite and surprise you:) Our blends showcase our favourite indigenous and naturalised local botanicals, and are all inspired by the beauty of the Scottish Highlands, as we attempt to capture in our soaps the essence of this wild and beautiful land.