1860s Maroon Silk Swiss Waist Corset

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One of the oldest pieces in Circa's collection is this outstanding maroon silk 'Swiss' corset waspie which dates back to the mid Victorian era of the 1860s. It features boning at the sides, and at the front and rear on either side of the lacing. This antique piece is laced with twisted silk cord in coordinating maroon which is finished with 4 neat tassels - 2 at the back and 2 at the front. All the edges are piped and the garment is backed with off-white cotton fabric.

This wonderfully preserved piece of history would make a beautiful addition to a historical gown and we have shown some examples on wearers from the period. Equally, it could be worn in a contemporary look as the corset is structurally sound and fantastically well made. Condition is exceptional; a rare survivor for a garment of over 150 years of age, with no flaws of any note. Please note, to get this over your shoulders, you would need to have a measurement less than 16.5 in or 42 cm across. That said, it would be easy to adapt this piece and fit a new length of cord to make the opening and or waist bigger. 


FULLY LOOSENED: 33 in. (83 cm)

FULLY TIGHTENED: 27 in. (69 cm)